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Empowered Style:
5 Days To A More
Confident You

Join us for a transformative five-day adventure where you'll learn to embrace your body shape, understand the power of personal style, and step into the world with newfound confidence.

Our Happy Clients

"I learned a lot about my body shape and style, which I've always had some difficulty figuring out. The information provided was clear and helpful."

Michelle T.

"I always felt self-conscious about my wider hips and smaller upper body. After joining this program, I learned how to accentuate my strengths. With personalized styling help and wardrobe advice, I now confidently dress my curves. I feel like this newfound confidence radiates into every room I walk into."

Sarah S

"I always felt overwhelmed when it came to getting dressed every day. I didn't know how to dress. This program helped me so much to understand my body shape and overcome some mindset things. Everywhere I go I feel so brave and confident in how I dress. Join this program now, if you have any tiny feeling of wanting to. Do it."

Emily M

"Joining The Simplified Wardrobe was a game-changer for me. Not only did I learn to dress for my body shape, but I also gained so much confidence. I'm happier with my body and feel like a more positive role model for my kids. Thank you so much, Stephanie!"

Jessica M

"I used to dread getting dressed every day, but after The Simplified Wardrobe, it's become my favorite part of the day. I've simplified my wardrobe and feel amazing in my clothes. My Family noticed the change in me, and it's impacting them positively too. I feel so good every day!"

Andrea E